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JUMP Podcast is your invitation to adventure. Through a mix of guest stories, solo episodes and often raw and personal accounts with host Traveling Jackie, JUMP explores travel, adventure, and lifestyle in ways meant to motivate YOU to get out and see the world.

Let this show be a source of travel advice and inspiration, and remember that in the end… It’s YOU who takes the leap.

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Introducing JUMP PodChats

Who: JUMP Podcast listeners, trip participants, and like-minded adventurers.

What: PodChats are our new style of podcasting (and gathering!) here at JUMP Adventures, where we invite YOU backstage each month to join us for an original podcast recording, PLUS an exclusive follow-up chat session with live attendees, PLUS live giveaways!

Where: JUMP Basecamp – our private platform where we gather, prepare, and GO together.

When: Once per month live, and replays whenever you want.

Why: Because we are all about REAL connection at JUMP Adventures, and this is one more way to create that within our incredible travel community.

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What Listeners Are Saying

  • “Jackie, I’ve been listening to your show since 2016. You inspired me to solo travel in 2017 (yep, I quit my job and followed my heart) I just want you to know that you are amazing and you are doing a great job inspiring others!! Also, even though we don’t know each other, I feel like we are friends.”

  • “I didn’t know I could hear a smile until I listened to your podcast, your energy is contagious!”

  • “Jackie is an inspiration for aspiring travelers everywhere. She doesn’t just give a run of the mill, “quit my job to travel the world” experience. She interviews families, kids, young and more mature adults alike. This podcast is for everyone. A must if you plan to travel. Thank you Jackie!”

  • “Jackie’s podcast was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to and I can not recommend it enough. Not only does she help me dream about my next travel destinations, but she and her guests give actionable steps to make it happen! This is everything you’re going to want in a travel podcast!”

  • “I am truly inspired by her breaking free from traditional norms, and can’t wait to see where she ends up. It’s like a good book that doesn’t end.”

  • “Jackie, I’m binge listening to your podcast from the beginning and I’m really enjoying your enthusiasm!”

  • “Best travel podcast on iTunes! I first heard Jackie’s podcast a couple of months ago as I was looking for information as I plan my RTW trip in 2017 and I was instantly drawn into her charm and delivery. After going back and listening to every single episode form front to back, I can say that her content and information in each episode is a little pot of gold each time. Even episodes that didn’t apply to me (i.e. traveling with family) gave me tips and suggestions I can use. Since then I have ventured out to other travel podcasts and have discovered that Jackie’s structure is topnotch. I love that her podcasts are organized and professional and I particularly enjoy the “themes” that she will do for 4 episodes or so. Thank you Jackie for a thoughtful, well executed podcast and I look forward to many more.”

  • “I “fell” into backpacking and was never the same since, Jackie hits the main points of those with wanderlust who want to start or are already veterans. She’s easy and fun to listen to, driving home the important of travel and pursuing passion. I find myself agreeing with her ideas based on personal experience and often times saying “why didn’t I think of that!” Especially taking notes for when I hit the road as a nomad again. It’s easy to feel “abnormal” in a 9-5 society when everyone thinks you just go on “vacation” all the time. Thanks Jackie for helping provide a network of people who are like minded and inspire more to break the mould.”

  • “She has a wealth of info about traveling and ways to do it, where to go, how to save money, yet she’s down to earth so you can listen to her for hours!”

  • “Your podcasts for the last 6-9 months have been absolutely stellar with awesome content and great guests, beyond traveling, but deeper topics like how to live life, environmental sustainability, learning languages and how travel fits into the bigger picture. This is what has made you one of my favorite bloggers and I feel distinguishes you from many of the many other travel bloggers out there. I’ve especially enjoyed listening to your podcast episodes during the COVID-19 situation…”

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