Patagonia 2021 Trips Postponed to March 2022

Update Nov 19, 2021

Good news!

As of Dec 1, 2021: Chile will be dropping the mandatory in-country PCR on arrival test for anyone who has three doses of the vaccine. Other requirements still apply for now.

As of Jan 1, 2022: The land border Rio Don Guillermo (between Torres del Paine, Chile and El Calafate, Argentina) will OPEN. This was the last obstacle between us and our optional Argentina Extension, so we are a GO GO GO for March.

Dates for both trips are confirmed:

Route of the Parks: March 1-10, 2022

Torres del Paine/Argentina Extension: March 14-24/29, 2022

Update Oct 10, 2021

Chile has just announced that they will open borders without quarantine as of Nov 1, HOWEVER, the land border between Chile and Argentina remains closed for the moment. We will continue with the March dates so that we can run the Argentina extension on the Torres del Paine trip.

Oct 4, 2021

The good news: Chile opened its borders on October 1st as we expected!

The bad news: They are imposing a 5-day mandatory quarantine (in isolation) for all incoming travelers, even if you are vaccinated. This, we did NOT see coming.

As you can imagine, this puts a lot of logistical pressure on our two November trips to Chile.

After MUCH deliberation with my tour partners in Chile, including calling a meeting with our registered Patagonia travelers and bringing them into the conversation, we have collectively decided that the best course of action is to postpone both of our November 2021 Patagonia trips to March 2022.

We feel certain that Chile will lift the quarantine rule by that time, if not much earlier, but we cannot simply hope it will be lifted by November.

So, the new dates are:

Route of the Parks: March 1-10, 2022

Torres del Paine: March 14-24, 2022 (Argentina Extension March 24-29, 2022)

More good news: Argentina has also opened its borders (without quarantine), which means we are able to put the option of the Argentina Extension BACK on the table for the Torres del Paine trip.

What this means:

  • March is Fall in Patagonia, an absolutely GORGEOUS time to be there.
  • As a total bonus, we have a much better chance at warmer and dryer weather during March than November.
  • The price for both trips is staying the same.
  • We still have space on BOTH trips!

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