Get unstuck. Find momentum. Accomplish your dreams.

Self-Guided open now. Community doors currently closed.

JUMPstart Program


Take action TODAY: we’ll send you 3 tools to prepare you for JUMPstart while you wait!

    Do you ever feel stuck, stagnant, or like the thing holding you back most is yourself?


    Many of us feel like we could be doing more with our lives. We have BIG dreams, but we have BIG doubts too, which often prevent us from taking the leap.

    We let our fears and lack of confidence hold us back.

    We stand in our own way. 

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we had the right tools and community around us to help us get moving in the direction of our dreams, whenever we need it?

    Well, we created a solution for that…

    An interactive program and community for people who want to stop dreaming and start doing.


    ▫️ Help you find clarity around what matters to you most

    ▫️ Build the self-confidence you need to trust your own decisions

    ▫️ Put your courage into action so you can accomplish your dreams


    A personalized roadmap

    A unique-to-you set of tools to support your forward momentum

    An exclusive, like-minded community

    How does JUMPstart work?

    Our Community JUMPstart program has three active elements.*

    Video Workshops

    Video Workshops

    Self-paced modules of video-guided workshops that release each week so you can fit them into your regular daily schedule. These workshops include resources, worksheets, and weekly action prompts.

    Live Discussions

    Live Discussions

    Facilitated group meetings each week during the program so you can anchor in what you’re learning alongside fellow participants.

    Private Community

    Private Community

    Access to our private JUMP Community where you will be able to interact freely with JUMPstart participants and leaders for further connection, resources, and events.

    *Our Self-Guided JUMPstart includes immediate access to self-paced Video Workshops and an option to add 1:1 discussions.

    Community JUMPstart

    If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.– African Proverb

    More than 90% of past JUMPstart participants (both in-person and online) say that the highlight of their adventure is the people they experience it with. We have created a completely private community space to facilitate group interaction, where JUMPstart participants can connect to other participants, resources, live discussions, and other member-only benefits.

    Time investment: 4-weeks

    Financial investment: $597


    Take action TODAY: we’ll send you 3 tools to prepare you for JUMPstart while you wait!

      Self-Guided JUMPstart

      Don’t want to wait for the group? We hear you!

      We want to meet you where you are, whether you prefer guided or self-guided adventures.

      We realize that a community setting with scheduled times doesn’t suit everyone’s personalities and calendars. Not to worry, the self-guided option includes the very same video workshops, so you can benefit from the same tools, resources, and materials, without the worry of showing up for a group setting. This option is available anytime, and you may opt for 1:1 coaching as you go.

      Time investment: self-paced (estimate 5-10 hours).

      Financial investment: $297 plus optional 1:1 coaching.


      If this is for you, you know it in your gut already.

      • “If you are at all thinking about doing this, DO IT! I was really feeling stuck in my life and needed to change something. Jackie gave me the tools to realize what it is I need to do to move forward in my life. We all get stuck in our routines and life sometimes, and this was a way to evaluate and work on real plans to move forward. Not to mention the wonderful women who were a part of the group chats. If you are finding yourself curious and are willing to put some time into you, then do not hesitate to sign up.”


        JUMPstart Virtual 2020
      • “If you’re considering doing this, click the registration button and go for it! You can do nothing but benefit from learning practical tools for self reflection and self care and hearing the real stories and experiences of the other folks taking the journey with you. Take it from this extreme introvert, a little discomfort in sharing your own thoughts and emotions and forcing yourself to be vulnerable with a small group of complete strangers won’t kill you. You can’t grow and be comfortable at the same time. So sign up and get to growing!”


        JUMPstart Virtual 2020
      • “This revealed things I hadn’t acknowledged about myself. By acknowledging these things, I’ve come to a much better place mentally. I now have new tools to feel confident in decisions and new directions I may go in my life.”


        JUMPstart Virtual 2020
      • “This exceeded my expectations! If you participate fully, you will walk away with excellent tools that you will have learned how to utilize, and with inspiration to go forth and conquer, even if you don’t know what you’re going to conquer!”


        JUMPstart Virtual 2020
      • “Thank you! This has truly been life-changing!”


        JUMPstart Virtual 2020
      • “Your future self will thank you for making room in your life for this experience.”


        JUMPstart Virtual 2020
      • “This program was great and I highly recommend it. The tools I now have to use will help me go through my life with design not by default. Thank you so much Jackie! <3"


        JUMPstart Virtual 2021
      • “In The Artist’s Journey, best-selling author Steven Pressfield describes what comes after the resurrection and upon the return of Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey. “The hero returns to the place from which he originally set forth. But he does not come home empty-handed. He brings a transforming wisdom, an ‘elixir’, that he donates to the wider community, to save it and bring it peace.” In my estimation, that is a true and accurate description of Jackie’s JUMPstart program, ‘A GIFT FOR THE PEOPLE.’ Wherever you find yourself on your hero’s journey, there are tools and toys to support you — from someone who has walked the difficult path and returned with jewels of hard-earned wisdom. Come and play, won’t you?”


        JUMPstart Virtual 2021
      • YOU ARE AMAZING. I definitely want to travel with you again! Keep hosting these trips and retreats – I’ve been telling everyone about my experience and how rewarding it was. I thank you so much for planning this for us. I’ve come home inspired and hope to keep that with me for a long time.


        JUMPstart Ecuador 2018
      • I want all the women in my life to have this experience, because it was so transformational.


        JUMPstart Ecuador 2018
      • I’ve traveled a few places but Ecuador was by far the best. Jackie you really know how to bring out the best in people. Thank you for the tools to help me become the best person I can be. Did I mention I’m unstoppable?


        JUMPstart Ecuador 2019
      • Thank you so much for hosting this retreat. Meeting you and the other ladies, listening to everyones stories, and conquering challenges that I never thought I could, has changed my perspective on things in a way that I can already see is changing my life. To paraphrase from the aliens in Toy Story 2, “You have changed my life. I am eternally grateful.”


        Ecuador 2019
      Traveling Jackie

      Who Created JUMPstart?

      Traveling Jackie

      I’m the host of JUMP Podcast and founder of JUMP Adventures, and I created JUMPstart. Here’s why:

      Over the past 18 years, I’ve explored courage by saying yes to adventure and pushing myself into the unknown. I was on an exciting path, but somewhere in the middle I lost sight of what I wanted for myself. I started listening to others a little too much, and after a while I found myself feeling atrophied on the inside. I had to make a change.

      I started creating tools and practices that taught me how to trust myself, stand behind my decisions, and act on my courage. I started to live my life for me again, rather than what I thought others expected of me. These techniques have transformed the way I navigate my life and my goals, and I still trust them every day. I’ve been teaching them to others through this JUMPstart program for the past three years, and I want to share them with you.


      Join the waitlist and we’ll send you 3 tools to prepare you for JUMPstart while you wait! These tools will help you:

      Identify areas of your life that you want to bring into balance

      Answer questions about what you really want for yourself

      Move closer to who and where you want to be, starting now