How YOU Are Making A Difference 🌎

As travelers, the world is our playground, and with that privilege comes great responsibility to do as much as we can to protect our incredible planet so we can keep playing! 

By traveling with JUMP Adventures, YOU are already:

  • Helping to permanently remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  • Directly supporting local guides and businesses
  • Contributing to greater sustainability efforts worldwide

How are you accomplishing all of this? Well…

In 2021, JUMP Adventures entered a partnership with Tomorrow’s Air, committing to the permanent capture and storage of at least 600kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year. 

This means YOUR participation in any of our trips (past, present, and future) helps JUMP Adventures permanently remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

And that’s just the beginning…

By its very nature, adventure travel exists at the intersection of culture, activity, and the environment. Working with local guides and businesses in a destination creates a sustainable ecotourism model. Simply put, through adventure travel (versus all-inclusive cruises, resorts, and chain hotel travel), your money directly benefits local economies.

THIS is how we travel at JUMP Adventures. 

So when you see “Lunch with a Mapuche family” on our itinerary, you can not only get excited for an authentic, cultural experience, but you can also be proud of yourself for helping support an indigenous woman-owned local tourism operation:

Foye Mapu
Foye Mapu

Her name is Isabel, by the way. She’s a mover and a shaker and the world needs people like her to succeed.

JUMP group Foye Mapu

Many of our tour partners also dedicate their own resources to local and global sustainability projects beyond the treasures in our itineraries, which means YOU are empowering them and contributing to their greater sustainability efforts simply by showing up.

We took all of this a step further on our recent Route of the Parks trip to Chile, where we took a break between cycling and hiking Chile’s incredible volcanic landscapes to spend a day with Legado Chile (a local nonprofit) getting our hands dirty in a conservation project to help preserve an endangered wetland:

JUMP Adventures Giving Back in Chile

While we may not get our hands dirty on every single trip, we will continue to clean up carbon from the atmosphere, support local people and businesses that prioritize sustainable tourism, and, as always, invite you to join us along the journey.

Nothing makes us happier than sharing epic experiences all over this great Earth, and we want to keep on doing that for a long, long time. Thank YOU for traveling with us to ensure we can.

Fun fact: Our first official JUMP Adventures Weekend partner ROAM Beyond is also a member of Tomorrow’s Air. (We’re double dipping in the best way!)

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