Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these trips for?

Active adventurers who want to get outside their comfort zones and have an EPIC experience with new friends. The majority of our travelers are listeners of JUMP podcast who are ready to make their dream leap a reality!

What ages are your travelers?

A big question with a big answer! We’ve had travelers from age 18 to 78 on our trips – age is just a number. The median age on trips is about 35, and most of our travelers are in their 30s and 40s. If you’re over 18 and can handle the physical requirement (most of our trips are pretty physically demanding), you’re in the right age group!

I’m nervous about traveling with a group, how is it?

90% of our travelers say that the group itself was the highlight of their trip. The HIGHLIGHT! As in, we see glaciers, climb mountains, kayak fjords, hike and bike entire circuits, and even amidst all of that, YOU are one of the best parts of the trip. In a nutshell, y’all are RAD. Check out our testimonials for further proof! Also, whatever you do, don’t miss episode 160 of the podcast.

I’m nervous about traveling solo, is it okay to come solo?

We LOVE solo travelers! Most of our participants show up solo and leave with a whole group of new friends. Solo experiences open you up to opportunity like nothing else. Have courage, show up FOR yourself AND by yourself if you want to!

If I’m traveling solo, do I need to pay a single supplement?

No. We will match solo travelers of the same gender on a trip in twin share accommodation (this is what we refer to as “double occupancy” – everyone gets a roommate). Many of our trips do not offer single rooms due to limited occupancy remote accommodations. However, on some itineraries a single supplement is an option, and you may select it upon booking a trip if you would like your own room wherever possible.

What level of physical fitness do I need to have for a JUMP adventure?

Our trips are very active. The level and difficulty of activity depends on the trip, and you can find specific physical fitness information on each trip page. We always recommend training hikes, bikes, runs, and whatever you can do to help yourself feel your best on the trail every day and recover quickly every night.

Do you have any spots left for [insert adventure here]?

The best way to find out if there are spots left for our adventures is to go directly to that trip’s webpage – if you can still book it, there are still spots left. Sometimes the number of spots left is also listed directly on the page next to the BOOK NOW button, and other times it will be listed as SOLD OUT with a waiting list.

What if I want to go to Patagonia but can’t make the group dates, can you recommend a tour operator who can help me set up my own trip?

Absolutely! We also arrange custom guided trips for minimum two people on our most popular itineraries, and we’d be happy to create a private trip for you and your friends, family, co-workers, etc. Just contact us.

Do you lead trips to Patagonia every year?

Let’s put it this way, our 2019 Patagonia travelers were *incredibly* grateful that they pulled the trigger in 2019 and didn’t “wait until next year…” (cue sad trombone). While we certainly hope to lead trips to Patagonia every year, nothing is certain. Forget “someday” and JUMP while you can.

What if I have to cancel a trip?

Please review our Booking Terms & Conditions before booking any trip with us.

We highly recommend purchasing trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance. You should also consider adding Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) coverage which offers you maximum flexibility. If you’re a nervous traveler, have misgivings about an upcoming trip, or have a schedule that’s liable to change prior to departure, then it’s a good idea to consider adding this kind of coverage to your travel insurance policy.

What about Covid/[Current Scary Thing]?

We closely monitor the rules and regulations in our destinations and keep all of our registered participants informed via email of any changes or updates. You can always check these links to see what’s happening in any country at any given time. Please review our Booking Terms & Conditions for more information.

How do I pack for [insert adventure here]?

If we have a packing list for the adventure you are registered for, we will make sure you get it. Otherwise, we think this general carry-on packing list is a good place to start.

Where do I buy travel insurance?

Check out this helpful blog post about What You Need to Know About Travel Insurance.

Our insurance partner battleface has coverage starting at $20 with a CFAR option (you must purchase Trip Cancellation in order to qualify for CFAR—other purchase requirements apply). With battleface, you can customize coverage for every trip, no matter where you are going, and only paying for what you need, such as trip cancellation, trip interruption, cancel for any reason, baggage loss and delay, travel medical and more. This includes domestic and international destinations and activities like road trips, tours, hiking, vacation rentals and more. With 24/7 customer service by your side, travel with peace of mind! Please see our Terms of Use to read about our partnership with battleface.

What visas/documents/vaccines do I need to get into [insert cool destination here]?

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200, Go straight to the official source! Always (always) check, double check, and triple check your destination entry requirements before you go on the country-specific list from

Check recommended and required vaccines for your destination on the country-specific list from Do not bother asking or trusting anyone else, as these two websites are the official word on these matters for US citizens. If you hail from a country other than the US – check your own travel department’s website (start by searching for your country’s embassy within your destination country – that’s where your requirements will be listed).

Read and bookmark this resourceful article for more information.

“I want to go to [insert cool destination here], can you plan that for me?”

If it’s an itinerary you’ve seen us offer before, and if you would like a guided trip, chances are good we can help. We do create custom guided trips for some of the itineraries we’ve run in the past, and for most of Patagonia. We are also very well-connected and may be able to introduce you to a trusted operator or travel agent with expertise in your desired region, if it isn’t one where we normally run trips. Feel free to contact us and inquire about custom trips.

Do you do any women-only trips?

While the majority of our adventures are open to everyone, we have led some special programs just for women in the past and may do so again in the future.

When is the next women’s program?

We were thwarted in 2020 and have yet to set new dates for another women’s adventure, please stand by! (And make sure you are on our email list!)

Still have questions not answered on this site? Feel free to email for help.

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