What is JUMP Adventures?

Crushing bucket lists together since 2016

The short version: Jackie Nourse (aka Traveling Jackie), a long-term solo traveler, podcaster, and blogger, founded JUMP Adventures to meet her listeners and readers OFF-line, IN-community, to travel through the most epic corners of the planet, together.

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Carefully-Designed Itineraries

We’ve done the research for you

Trust us when we say that if it’s on our itinerary, it’s worth doing. We’ve been there, we’ve done the research, we work with the best partners. We intentionally design all our itineraries, and we believe that every trip includes the absolute best activities that we know of. This is our personal promise to you.

COOL people travel

RAD, adventurous people

Come as you are!

We can’t do this without YOU. Nearly all of JUMP participants say the best part of our trips is the GROUP itself, and about a third of JUMP participants are repeats. Yes, for real. (You’ve been warned!) Whether you are flying solo or traveling with friends or partners or family, if these trips speak to you, they are for you. Let’s skip the awkward silences and just be friends.

EPIC tour operator

Professional Partnerships

You’re in great hands

Let’s be clear on one thing: we organize and host our trips, but we are not the guides! We partner with professionals on the ground in our destinations who have been guiding and operating trips for YEARS, because it’s a big important job, and it needs to be done excellently. We do what we’re good at, they do what they’re good at, and together, we all create the magic.

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Founder Story

Meet Traveling Jackie

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

John A. Shedd

I’m Jackie Nourse (aka @TravelingJackie), founder and host of JUMP Adventures, and I’ve been traveling independently around the world since 2003. Over the years, I’ve created two travel blogs, a travel podcast, online travel programs, and a worldwide network of connections. It is my dream come true to host my listeners and readers in-person on the most epic adventures in the most epic places around the world. Along with everything else I create, JUMP Adventures is an invitation… for YOU.

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