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What is JUMP Adventures?

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The short version: Jackie Nourse (aka Traveling Jackie), a long-term solo traveler, podcaster, and blogger, founded JUMP Adventures to meet her listeners and readers OFF-line, IN-community, to travel through the most epic corners of the planet, together.

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EPIC group trips

Carefully-Designed Itineraries

We’ve done the research for you

Trust us when we say that if it’s on our itinerary, it’s worth doing. We’ve been there, we’ve done the research, we work with the best partners. We intentionally design all our itineraries, and we believe that every trip includes the absolute best activities that we know of. This is our personal promise to you.

COOL people travel

RAD, adventurous people

Come as you are!

We can’t do this without YOU. Nearly all of JUMP participants say the best part of our trips is the GROUP itself, and about a third of JUMP participants are repeats. Yes, for real. (You’ve been warned!) Whether you are flying solo or traveling with friends or partners or family, if these trips speak to you, they are for you. Let’s skip the awkward silences and just be friends.

EPIC tour operator

Professional Partnerships

You’re in great hands

Let’s be clear on one thing: we organize and host our trips, but we are not the guides! We partner with professionals on the ground in our destinations who have been guiding and operating trips for YEARS, because it’s a big important job, and it needs to be done excellently. We do what we’re good at, they do what they’re good at, and together, we all create the magic.

  • “This is not your average group trip! Jackie thought of everything and put together a bucket list itinerary where everyday was more incredible than the last. She also found THE BEST local guides that educated us, took care of us, and genuinely made us feel welcome. The hikes were challenging and some of the days were long but that just added to the sense of accomplishment at the end of the trip. Another great thing on Jackie’s trips is the people that sign up. By the end of the 10 days, our group was a family that shared in the joy, awe, and struggle that comes with a physically demanding hiking trip. You won’t find a better experience any where. My advice? JUMP with Jackie!”


    Patagonia 2018
  • “Jackie is so organized and passionate about her trips, it’s infectious. I have done two trips with her now and everything has gone so smoothly. She’s a professional, but it feels like you are traveling with a friend.”


    Jordan 2018
  • “Take a chance, ignore that voice in your head that fills you with doubt and let this new experience change you. The experiences you will have, friends you will make, food you will eat, laughs you will share, and challenges you will overcome far outweigh any negative thoughts or self doubt you had before you left.”


    Patagonia 2017
  • “I would strongly recommend traveling with Jackie! Firstly, Jackie rocks! She is so fun, charismatic, caring and makes everyone around her feel at ease. I love that the trip she planned was thoroughly planned and organized with a badass itinerary, but the whole trip felt very relaxed and there was room to make changes. I also really enjoyed that it was a relatively small group so that we could all get to know each other and really enjoy sharing the experience with one another.”


    Jordan 2018
  • “My trip with Jackie surpassed all my expectations, not only was it perfectly planned but Jackie is just great to be around. Now it’s not only a question of will I travel with Jackie again, but instead when?”


    Patagonia 2017
  • “I’d follow Jackie anywhere!”

    Jenn (and Amanda…)

    Patagonia 2017
  • “Jackie is an inspiration to any female solo traveler. [This] was a trip of a lifetime and I 100% plan to travel with Jackie again. I highly recommend traveling with her for your next trip! You won’t regret it :)”


    Patagonia 2017
  • “This trip was everything I expected, and also completely unexpected. I have been wanting to do a trip to Patagonia for a while, and to go with Traveling Jackie was a real treat, since she is so obsessed with the area. She also paired up with one of the best tour guides I’ve ever met, Ro. He really made everyone feel comfortable and taken care of if anything went wrong. This trip pushed me, but in such great ways. It is definitely a physical struggle, and sometimes a mental one as well. We had outstanding weather in Chile on the W, and true Patagonian insane weather in Argentina. Each trail was a treat, but the people are what really made this trip. Everyone with a common goal, coming together from different walks of life, enjoying ourselves, together. And since I’ve eaten (drank?) the calafate berry, I guess I’ll just have to go back!”


    Patagonia 2018
  • “Traveling with Jackie is awesome! Not only does Jackie do a fantastic job organizing her trips, getting to travel with someone you look up to is inspiring. I’ll definitely be signing up for more of her trips in the future.”


    Ecuador 2019
  • “I traveled with Jackie to Ecuador this year and it was an amazing trip. It was so nice to have all the details managed by one of the best travel professionals in the business, and all I had to do was say yes and buy my ticket. Jackie’s style was organized but not rigid, laid back but not complacent; her leadership approach was perfect for me. The people on the trip with me were similarly magnificent. The choices of venues, guides, and activities were excellent and I felt safe throughout the trip. This trip was so well though out and yet so personal. I felt like I was traveling with good friends. I would recommend this to anyone, and can’t wait to go on another trip with her.”


    Ecuador 2018
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Upcoming Group Adventures

Torres del Paine tour 2023

PATAGONIA: Torres del Paine “O” Trek

MARCH 3 – 13, 2023 (SOLD OUT)

We did it in 2022, and it was JUST SO GOOD that we are going back to do it again in 2023:

The Big Paine Circuit (pronounced PIE-nay), sometimes known as the “O Trek” (as opposed to the famous W Trek), is an 80-mile thru-hike experience getting the absolute best of Torres del Paine National Park. Join us for one of the most incredible and beautiful multi-day hikes (and glacier ice treks!) you might ever do. This, my friends, is an absolute MUST-DO experience.

Croatia Trip 2023


WEEK 1: APRIL 26 – MAY 4, 2023 (SOLD OUT)

WEEK 2: APRIL 29 – MAY 7, 2023 (SOLD OUT)

Join us as we hike, camp, star gaze, eat, jeep, float, and explore our way through Jordan. We’ll start by hiking the portion of the Jordan Trail that National Geographic rated one of THE BEST multi-day hikes in the world. Then we’ll visit the other-worldly formations of Wadi Rum (where The Martian was filmed), explore the stunning river gorge of Wadi Mujib, and end our trip with a relaxing (and well-earned) mud bath and float in the Dead Sea (an absolute MUST-DO in this life).

Croatia Trip 2023


AUGUST 4 – 11, 2023 (20 spots left!)

JUMP-tested, JUMP-approved. We LOVED this trip in 2021 and we’re going back for more! Join us for a gelato-tasting, swim-stopping, view-earning, island-hopping, cycle-touring adventure through the sparkling South Dalmatian Sea. Our home for the week is the elegant Magellan, a beautiful, double-mast motor yacht, complete with air-conditioned, ensuite cabins, a sunbathing deck, and a local crew ready to sail with us for an absolutely unforgettable week.

Dolomites Tour 2023


SEPTEMBER 5 – 13, 2023 (10 spots left!)

The famous Alta Via 1 is a breathtakingly-gorgeous thru-hike in the magical atmosphere of the Dolomites: a land of wild open spaces, green alpine meadows, crystal clear lakes and jagged peaks. As we traverse over 50 miles from Lake Braies to Capanna Trieste in the northeastern corner of Italy, we will hike each day surrounded by glaciers, spires, and massifs, while cozying up in gorgeous, comfortable, and delicious remote mountain lodges each night (sometimes with saunas!).

Chiloe tour 2023


DECEMBER 1 – 8, 2023 (12 spots left!)

We’re heading straight off the beaten path to Chile’s gorgeous Lakes District in Northern Patagonia! We’ll hike through a valley of volcanoes, staying in family-owned lodges and finding hot springs along the way. We’ll board a ferry and cross over to the mystical islands of the Chiloé archipelago, where we’ll immerse ourselves in local mythology, wildlife (penguins!), and cuisine (curanto, anyone?), and sleep in a traditional palafito over the water. Be prepared to fall deeply in love with the off the beaten corners of Patagonia.

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